All In

2021 Word of the Year

2021 is the Season of Miracles. Lead by Bishop George Davis, together, we will make 2021 the greatest year on record. Let's be #AllIn

a message penned by:

Bishop George Davis

December 8, 2020 at 9:46 am

“There will be a growing fork in the road that won’t allow anyone to choose both paths. If you refuse to choose ALL IN, it will result in a season of being ALL OUT by default. So, look around and sweep your house clean now. Allow My grace to show you areas where you’ve chosen the world’s way instead of mine. Then, remind yourself that friendship with the world will make you an enemy of Mine. I love you with the unending love, but there is still only one road that leads to life and peace. So, 2021 is a continuation of Choose You This Day who you will serve. I have plans for you that will blow your mind and satisfy your heart. But My plan is not portable to another path. My love goes with you wherever you go. But My plan is connected to your willingness to follow My voice.” 

Pastor Kevin

penned by Pastor Kevin January, 2, 2021 at 4:09 pm

Trust Me for Devine Exposure.
The curtain is lifted for all to see the middle ground of being indecisive and Lukewarm is gone, therefore the time for miracles shall take place in this season for you.
Open Your Eyes
act in love, react in faith, walk in wisdom, for this season will be a challenging one. You will be challenged to make Kingdom decisions or follow worldly direction.
Spend more time with Me
I long to speak to thee. Quality time is My desire for you, to advise, council and laugh with you.
This is a season for boldness in My church.
I have empowered you to see the works, plots and schemes produced by the enemy, as well as to see My hand moving to produce the plan I have spoken over you. I have empowered you to hear My voice clearly as you walk the path of peace and victory, as well as, to hear the lies and distorted fables birthed from the enemy. I have empowered you to speak My Words with confidence and passion to bring back in order the things messed up by the enemy toward your families, friends, and finances
The shift has taken place,
witty inventions and Godly ideas have and will be birthed at an accelerated pace for the world to recognize Kingdom structured businesses growing the economy. Wealth will come into your hands. So position yourself, be sober, be watchful and I will direct you when to plant and where to invest your seed to advance My plan and see this season work for you.
Miracle is the word
expectation is the key, and My Love is the foundation to ignite Faith and renewed passion in you.
Boldly stand and summons
your Health back, Finances back, Relationships back, ride this wave and see Miracles happen for you.
I have cut the chains that have held My children
now you break free and remove permanently the cuffs and hanging chains of bad memories that are still attached to you.
Hear respectfully, Respond quickly, Walk circumspectly, Talk righteously, Pray earnestly, Love courageously, Worship unapologetically, Rest consistently and see chains miraculously broken such as, poverty, disease, strife, and bad relationships. Says the Lord!!

--A message Penned by Pastor Kevin January, 2, 2021 at 4:09 pm

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