Expect Great Things to Happen

logo-ministryPlace a greater expectation upon Me, the God and Father of Glory, for whatever you shall ask according to My word, I will supersede it abundantly. Expect to encounter greater exploits of power caused by Me to be produced in and though you. Great things I will do for you to advance My Kingdom purposes for the unsaved world to see.”

“I declare, walls will fall that has hindered you, obstacles will turn to advantages, seas will once again divide, and Pharaoh die because of the influence I have placed upon you to speak My truth with authority. Declare and believe fire to fall, favor to have and opportunities for you to advance, because I have great things in store for My church to see. In this year My outpour shall be upon thee.”

“Financial problems will be erased, bareness will be stopped and harvest shall come fourth. 2013 is the year for greater things to happen for thee, where only God can be gloried, praised and recognized for the miracles you shall see.”

“Greater anointing, greater manifestations, greater appearing, greater visitations, greater power and great grace you will receive. Therefore, don’t lose heart from attacks, plots and lies brought on by the enemy. Don’t mummer and complain, but rejoice and sing for he is trying to hinder your progress from being seen. Attacks will come for this Word’s sake, but I command you to trust that I will never leave you or forsake you, God is leading you to greater things and increasing your influence on this earth to produce change in your family, work places and your communities. Great things shall be birthed out of thee.”

“Great things, Great things, Great things I give to thee in this year of 2013.”

Food for Thought:

We block Christ’s advance in our lives by failure of expectation. Of course this is just one form of lack of faith, but it is so purely negative that it escapes detection.

William Temple

Word for 2011

“Unity, Unity, Unity is the word I speak into this body for you, Me and this community to see is the Spirit of Unity. Black, yellow, brown and white will gather, and inquire ‘How have you formed such a bond of unity?’ By the Spirit of the Lord you shall respond and give witness of Me, the God of peace and unity. Yes, I shall cause many to come to experience acceptance, correction, instruction, restoration and the Love of such a body unified unto Me. And growth will accure quickly as a result of this UNITY. Nothing will be withheld from thee corporately and every task will be accomplished for my church to be called the Jewel of Eastpointe which I have called thee.”

“Therefore rise above any adversities, disagreements, and offenses that the year 2011 will bring to you, rise above and unify with your brothers and sisters and see that strength will be multiplied tenfold for the victory. I speak victory into your spirit, victory over the enemy, victory over sickness and disease, victory over relationships, and victory over addictions, watch and see even finances will come to thee because of the unity and environment of Victory.”

“Love Life will move forward in this year of turmoil, disorganization and despair that the country will see, keep your eyes on Me and only Me and witness unquestionable victory. Come together, be together, stand together and believe Me together and see GREAT increase of My presence in your lives individually and collectively to a point no man will boast but say see what Jehovah has done in this day and time for me. New jobs, great inventions, supernatural miracles and outpours of my spirit will be upon this ministry for the year 2011.”

“Build and don’t be afraid, move and rearrange people, places and things to ensure the harmony will be present for many. Peace I speak to thee, My peace I have given to thee for this word shall come to pass, and you will know that it is Me. The God to Peace, Unity Love and Prosperity. “

Spoken by Holy Spirit, written by Pastor Kevin Lancaster
December 28, 2010 @ 6:40PM
For the entire LLFCC family

2011 Theme: UNITY
2011 Mandate: Be on One Accord, in word and deed in order to Advance the Kingdom of God.
2011 Word: Peace; Nothing Missing, Broken or Lacking.
2011 Goal: Move into New Location.
2011 Strategy: To be joined together in the bond of Love.
2011 Slogan: One Love, One Mind
2011 Scripture: Phil 2:1-5, John 17:11-23, Eph 4:1-6, Ps 133:1, Gen 11:6 I Pet 3:8-9