Tuesday Bible Study - Elder A Jones
My continual goal for Tuesday Morning Bible Study is to get more presenters involved. This is something that we were doing before the pandemic. I plan to approach Ministers that often attend our Tuesday morning class and extend an invitation to lead the Bible study. Love Life has a very fertile ground for instructors, and I have believed for many years that more teachers should be heading our Tuesday Bible Study.

Thursday Teachers Class - Elder A Jones
My goal for our Thursday Teacher’s class is to continue to pour wisdom, as the Holy Spirit allows, concerning areas of instruction that will strengthen those attending. The final goal of knowledge is applying it. I plan to get our Thursday class involved in applying what we learn by practicing it as opportunity permits.

Small Groups - Elder H & P Smith
This Year Small Groups will Have a Serve Day
which will be an annual event.
We will purchase Serve Team t shirts (Budget TBD)
We will like for our Small Group leaders to be able to share their individual groups each month during a Big deal Wednesday.
or once a month On Sunday morning from 9 to 9:45 am
Our Goal have several new groups available this year.

Love Life Teens Goals - Bro Steve and Tiff Scott
1.) Continue to grow. Create monthly sermon topics/series. Promote on all social media platforms. Motivate/create/develop evangelism with in LLT.
2.) Have monthly teen meetups/kickbacks with the teen. Ideally this will take place at East point high school. Teaching the gospel and fellowship.
3.) Have a teen worship service.
4.) Take Teen to Noah’s Ark and Amusement park.
5.) Develop a summer program for teens. Create a program where teens will be able to have paid internships, and work-based learning throughout the summer. Also, a safe space for our teens to come.

Kingdom Kids Goals - Elder Jerome
-Build Upon What has already been established
-Continue Events like the (Outdoor) Fun Day
-Continue the Kingdom Kids Monthly Newsletter for our parents
-Makeover our Entrance Wall
-Have a Teaching Session Led by Pastor
-Increase Engagement with Parents*
-Collaborate with parents to create discipleship opportunities that go beyond Sunday mornings
-Recruit New Teachers and Assistants
-Encourage and equip our children to know how to worship, love God, and love others by presenting them with clear portraits of the gospel on their level that positions them to make the choice to be on fire for God.

Deacon Goals - Elder Jessie
- Train Deacons to be armor bearers and serve on the alter. - Allow them to operate more in their office
- Train new deacons.
- Establish lead deacon responsibilities

Pass The Torch - Elder Jessie
- polish curriculum
- graduate first class

Sword and Shield - Elder Jessie
- complete church plan - train
-grow team
-redo office

Sons of David - Elder Jessie
- continue to get men involved
- establish a new leader
- fellowship with other churches
- a presence at at all church services/events

Building Relationships
Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
• Themed Devotionals per department with 1st Sunday Devotional for entire CAD team lead by one of the leaders.
• Three gatherings (Connect Days)
• Two Zoom calls per month
• Evangelism events (Outreach/Serving the Community)

Audio/Video Team
• Increase members by 20
• Team lead will do Four (4) One on One training sessions
• Sermon graphics, lower thirds, scripture graphics due 2 weeks before sermon date.
• Graphics, sermon bumpers, scripture graphics, promotional online content must have the same color scheme, font,
style and look.

Dance Team
• Increase members by 25

Praise Team
• Increase members by 10
• One on ones with team member (4 per month) trainings sessions
• Every Tuesday, Songs and schedule must be sent out in order to meet the 6-week deadline.

Tech Team
• Increase members by 20

Evangelism Ministry- Elder Carles & Sharonne Ingram
1) Conduct a two-day evangelism training for LLFCC members entitled “How to Reach the Unchurched and Masses for Jesus Christ”. The training materials will be based on the evangelism workshop attended in 2022 and materials purchased (book & workbook, “Empowered to Share” by Joe Oden).
2) Implement a community-wide “Prayer Request Day” to go door-to-door to ask the surrounding neighborhood if residents would like us to pray with them. We will make introduction as to where we are from but not engage them in any other conversations except to offer prayer unless they request additional information. This can be instituted throughout the year to occur regularly.
3) Conduct an evangelism outreach/mission within the areas of homelessness (i.e., Cass Corridor in Detroit) to offer food, toiletry essentials and the gospel.
4) Conduct a community wide survey to seek feedback on church attendance.
5) Host movie night on the grounds of LLFCC during the summer months to invite the community

LoveLife.org- Minister Linda Weathers
The 40 weeks of prayer have already been on February 11, 2023. Every Saturday at 9:00am-10:30am. Our goal is to participate in as many as possible and to involve our youth for the "youth for life" prayer walk on the second Saturday in September, September 9th, 2023. Our desire is also to share the gospel with the parents and all who are involved with the abortions. We pray that they would have a hunger and thirst for Christ. We are a house of refuge, so we want to be that for those in our community in every sense of the word. The church's day to participate in the walk is depending on availability according to our calendar. Prayers and financial support are always welcomed and very much needed. We are in this together!

POG Ministry Goals 2023

1. Ice cream Social Fellowship

2. Health & Wellness Seminar
a. Covid Update- Nurse Tanya Lewis
b. Understanding & Help with Grieving- Eld. Jerome & Sis. Michelle Williams

c. Mental Health- Min. Angela Brooks

3. Family Movie Night
*Dates forth coming

Greeter Ministry Goals 2023

Projects/Team Building
Adopt A Flowerbed Project-ongoing
Homeless Love Project-continued w/improvements
Team Engagement: Game Night/Outings-2-3x year min

Improvements Internally/Externally:
Getting back to the basics
Training for ministry specific
Hands On and Video
Training refresher on importance of Servant Leadership
Uniformity: Ministry T-shirts for special occasions
Greeter Spotlight on Ministry Board

USHERS Ministry Goals 2023

Special Education Awareness Training Class
Interaction and dealing with Special Needs Children & Parents taught by Sis. April Felton

Grow Usher Team to a total of 24 members in order to develop four individual groups to be led by a separate team leader each Sunday.

New Ministry T-shirt

Bowling Fellowship

An evening of Breaking Bread together fellowship location to be determined.