a message penned by:

Pastor Kevin W. Lancaster

December 12 , 2021  @ 11:52pm 

"Stay Focused and be Intentional is what I AM speaking to you! Intentionally focus on My words, ways, and character to escape the fierce trials and tribulations this world will bring your way to ignite doubt, dampen your witness, pollute passion, feed confusion, magnify jealousy, and produce rebellion toward My church, and the standard for righteous. 
Don’t allow the pressures of famines, useless conversations, and empty debates to lessen your confidence or resolve in the Word of God and the characteristics of salt and light, that I have named you. Light will ALWAYS overpower darkness and salt will preserve the sanctity of my Words over thee. You are useful not useless, valuable not worthless, chosen not common, you are the ANSWER not the problem. 
This will be a year of spiritual separation says the Lord, a season of rearranging people, places and things in the secular and political arenas as well as the religious circles to better align My church in these final crucial years. Therefore, listen with your heart, be willing to shift from your normal ways, sacrifice your intellectual know how, and kill your fleshly habits to follow hard after Me.  
Recall the days when you first discovered the love I have for you and the relationship I want from you. Regain that passion and declare that resolve for Me. Lukewarm behavior will not continue to produce for you. 
Miracles will increase, supernatural encounters will happen, angelic appearances will be captured and the world will take note of the church. 
My love for you will never change, My grace is more than enough to sustain you, your seed and every person that will yield to Me. Come to Me, fall in love with Me over and over again, for I tell you this is the key to staying focused and not drifting away. Love them again, live pure, speak with confidence, pray with boldness, live for God, and serve regardless of how others treat you."

do It Again
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